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gaja Lakshmi semi embossing tanjore painting

gaja Lakshmi semi embossing tanjore painting(same day delivery)

what is special on semi embossing tanjore painting? semi embossing tanjore painting worked with american diamond stones and slightly 3D than normal tanjore painting


CLARITY : Tanjore painting is taken with glass so its glaring, if you see directly it looks very beautiful than model picture!

SHIPPING : The pictures in ready to ship category can be couriered same day all over the world

MATERIAL : 22 Carat Original Gold Foils, Water Resistant Plywood, Cloth, paints, authentic Jaipur gem stones, Arabic gum and chalk powder

FRAME : Pure teakwood mani frame

CERTIFICATE : we also provide you authenticity certificate for 22k Gold foils used and teakwood frame 

Balaji tanjore art gallery is world's no.1 online art gallery that offers thousands of handmade paintings that can be recreated in any size at reasonable costs

Balaji Tanjore Art Gallery

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